August 1, 2022

Happy Summer everyone! 

So excited to bring you the first remix – by Danny Hechter – of my new single, Wound Too Tight. The track comes out August 19. You can pre-save it now here

This song is about the power of love and connection to heal frayed nerves and lonely hearts. I hope it serves to soothe yours.

Deepest thanks to:

Rami Jaffee, of the Foo Fighters ~ for making it all possible, and for vintage microphones, divine keys, and hypnotic heartbeat percussion;

Samon Rajabnik, Foos engineer and multi-instrumentalist ~ for patiently shepherding the production every step of the way, and for the elegant guitars and brushes;

Danny Hechter ~ for creating this epic symphonic remix with his unbelievable talents!

Jason Hiller ~ for additional mixing ~ and Rob Kleiner ~ for mastering;

Nadine El Khoury ~ for editing the video with me. 

Meghan Paddock Farrell and Rik Morgan ~ for album art and design.

Meanwhile, find the original acoustic version here ~ or wherever you listen to music. Lyrics are here… and you can watch the video on Youtube

And when you are wound too tight, remember to breathe.