The night Prince told me to “stop counting”

We lost another Legend. I was lucky enough to have had a very special encounter with Prince. At Coachella 2008, I had the great fortune to be at a small gathering after the night had ended at a private home, with Prince and 8 other people. When I got there, I saw everyone huddled in a corner, while Prince and his bodyguard sat on the other side of the room, in complete silence. No one had the courage to go up and start a conversation with him. I found this weird, so I went up to him, and we started talking. He was extremely warm, and seemed happy I had approached him. We talked about music, surviving as an artist, songwriting, and life. He hugged me for a long time. Then I asked him how he had seemingly frozen time, looking (singing, and dancing) exactly the same, without aging a bit. He smiled and said, “I’ll tell you my secret: I stopped counting.” I’ve always remembered that as a sage piece of advice from someone to whom age was just a random number. How ironic and tragic that he died so young. But — he wasn’t counting. He lived a life full of many more lifetimes than the average person will ever live, and obviously, will live on forever. 

This story was recounted by Lyndsey Parker in her Yahoo article which compiled personal anecdotes about Prince. I am honored to be included in it: Purple Prose: Entertainment Industry Insiders Write about Encountering Prince

RIP. This dove cries.

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