Our Tiny Desk submission + outtakes!

True to form, I slid into the 2016 Tiny Desk Contest just 24 hours before the deadline, cramming takes of multiple songs into a late-night marathon over at the house. Luckily I had Kate Nicholsen, the coolest backing singer ever, who also plays awesome percussion, among other things (guitar, ukelele, piano) by my side, for at least most of the night. Thought you might enjoy checking out a few of the outtakes and rejects among the vids, some of which are still pretty fun to watch. We chose an oldie but a goodie to send in — Anywhere Anytime. If you watched any TV a few years ago, you would have heard the full band version of that song all over the place for about a year and a half, hawking Chevy’s. I like this raw, live acoustic take of it, with Kate’s tambourine. Hope you do too. Cheers 🙂 ~ Sara

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